Do you ache to be dominated? I mean, DOMINATED?   Do you shudder just thinking about it, ponder being taken, led and expertly controlled by a powerful, sophisticated, classy Woman?  If so, that is a good start.  My interests include, but are not limited to: CBT, Corporal, Role Play, Fantasy Fulfillment, Sissy Play, Cross Dressing, Foot Worship...

I do not consider the type of play to be of utmost importance to My pleasure. I am very interested in the psychological and emotional aspect of BDSM.  This eroticism can be enjoyed in both mild sessions and extreme ones.

I have an extensive collection of BDSM equipment, gear, devices, furniture, toys, and a large

wardrobe of fetish clothing, boots and shoes.

I am a wicked and perverse role player.  Try Me.




Have you ever dreamed of casting aside your world for an hour or three, leaving the vanilla mask far behind?  Have you ever envisioned falling to your knees, surrendering all to a beautiful, intelligent, Dominant Woman? Dreams can come true.  Welcome to My site and My reality!

I am very addictive.  It says so on My warning label!  As you peruse My site, you will be drawn further into My evocative world.  The more you see, the more you will want.  It is a given.  I have high expectations.  you should be prepared to give yourself to Me completely and sincerely.  you should possess these traits: good manners, respect for Me, good hygiene, obedience and discretion.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do and will likely enjoy it more than you.  It pleases Me to take a sub, newbie or veteran to new heights.


Charlotte, North Carolina